Pipit 4th Anniversary + Wonderful Market 5

Wearing Calvin Klein tee, label-less skinny jeans, Bonia lace up boots and assorted rings from Diva

I was at this little art bazaar/market thing earlier today. It was all about independent art and young artists and designers expressing their raw talents to the masses. It was held at Annexe Gallery, Central Market which I think has done a lot for these blossoming young talents.

The event was organized by Pipit. Pipit is actually a worldwide art portal and community for independent artists and designer internationally. They are currently celebrating their 4th anniversary. I have never really heard of them until my friend sent me a link to their Facebook page and asked me to come with her to the bazaar.

Bags that could be disembbled and rolled for storage

It's kinda gross but this piece is actually hair sewn on canvas

It was a colorful event with vendors selling items from one of a kind bags and t-shirts to sculptures and limited edition art pieces. There was also an exhibition room, where arts from these budding young artists were being displayed. Edwin Sumun was there too to show his support. I said hi and congratulated him on hosting the MiFA last week.

Although I never claimed to be an art lover, I do appreciate all forms of art. The world knows I'm all about fashion. But hey, fashion is an art expression too! Some people might see it as fake and superficial, but they have no idea what it takes to design a dress or even a handbag.

Oh! By the way I learn this new word to describe art lover today . It's "aesthetes".

Song playing inside my head: Massive Attack's Teardrop


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bagus, mendengar kata.but whr d hell is my picssssssss?