MiFW and MiFA

Jonathan Liang

I had quite a blast at MiFW. Although I was alone most of the time (wish I could bring my friends along), I made some new friends and kept telling myself that I was there because of my love for fashion. Friends or no friends, I attended every single day of the 5-day event. I did skip a few shows because I had to attend a friend's wedding and wait for the plumber to fix a leaking tap at my apartment.

But my editor was always there for the gala nights. So I had someone to gossip and cringe with when something horrible came out on the runway.

I have to say that some of these local designers really surprised me with their collections. The detalings on Razuan Radziwill collection, the razor-sharp cut of Jonathan Liang jackets, the undeniable talent of Bernard Chandran, the modernization of Jendela KL (formerly Jendela Batik) and the potential of young designers at BDA and IFTC graduates.

Kavita by Kavita Sidhu (and this moron who kept standing from his seat to take photos. I mean who does that at the fashion show!)

Petang Raya by Bernard Chandran


But there are some designers who are still trying find their identity. I saw Louis Vuitton cheongsams and bunny ears (seperately) on the runway, Chloe neckline from 2008, the bottom of Zoe Saldana's Givenchy dress at the Oscar and Margiella colorful tassel in one dress... Man, I could go on and on and on! Hahah =)

I'm glad the Gaga-inspiration has exited the runway (kinda). I'd die if I saw another Hunchback-shoulder jacket, blonde wig and leather legging. Well come to think of it, I actually would love to see meat dress on the runway. Not the Jeremy Scott type but the raw one that Lady Gaga wore to MTV VMA.

And I prefer not to talk about the organizer or anything related to that. I was just happy to be there. Although my pass read "BLOGGER" instead of "ONLINE MEDIA"(because Emmagem is not a personal blog), I strutted my stuff down the stairs in my best fashion week oufit, found my seat at the 3rd (sometimes 4th) row and enjoyed the show.

All for the love of fashion...

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P/S: I dedicate this entry to all my readers who have supported me throughout these years. Couldn't thank you enough.

Song playing inside my head: Lamb's Gabriel (Thanks to Jonathan Liang)