Single Scoop

All dressed up and ready to go in Key Ng jacket, Topman tee underneath and skinny jeans

I’ve been feeling kinda restless lately. Been spending too much time at home. Sometimes even on weekends doing laundry, ordering takeouts and watching TV. It’s good in a way because I could get a lot of things done. Like I’ve just finished cleaning my ceiling fan and toilet sink.

OMG! Boriiiinng! Alright let’s cut to the chase.

So I finally picked myself up from my bed, put my best outfit on and dragged my restless ass to Temptations at 7atenine on Thursday night. It was a party for the launch of this ice-cream. And that was exactly what they served that night. They are all heavily liquored of course. I was all alone and I didn’t get any drink ticket because there was a little bit of confusion with my invitation. I walked in feeling all fabulous wearing my new Key Ng jacket so who cares about the stupid ticket right? The party was nothing to shout about really. The best part has to be the pole dancers, just because I’ve never seen thighs doing that amount of work before. I met a fellow blogger, Jarod and we shared our little space at the corner of the bar and it was really sweet of him to give me one of his drink tickets. I’ve already ordered beers so I exchanged the ticket for gelatos so that we both could share.

He’s an engineer at a private firm in PJ. We chatted a bit about the blogging scene and he asked me for some fashion advice after I told him that I work for Emmagem. So I mentioned to him about the 3S. Hahah! Oh! Joyce was there too but I didn’t say hi.

I left somewhere before 11pm. A little tipsy and I guess the same goes for the guy at the door whom I asked to snap my outfit photos. He snapped 2 times but both photos are bad! So I’m using the photo that I snapped in front of the mirror right before I leave and put my shoes on.

I have to say that I don’t like being alone and going to party alone is such a terrifying idea. But I’ve finally tried it and I kinda like it. It felt so good to be able to say “It’s just me” at the entrance of the party. I felt like I’ve made my point loud and clear, that I was alone and not at all afraid of it...

Song playing inside my head: Eel's The Look You Gave That Guy