7 Days Worth of Drama

Wearing Uniqlo tee, Topman jeans, Forever 21 bag, Reebok hi-tops

Been switching to educator mode for the past few days. There were just way too many things to do back at the college. Five students were dismissed and they cried and begged for a second chance. I wouldn't even have a second thought about letting them go. They were lazy and ignorant. Reminded me of myself as a student not too long ago. Ha ha!

I forgot to mention about my current obsession for lazy Sunday. I've been staying in on Sunday for the past few weeks. And I kinda liked it. I woke up really late, worked on my Sunday article, ordered take out and went to the nearby Jusco for dinner, Starbucks and cheap DVDs from the discount bin at Speedy. I scored some really awesome movies for less than ten bucks. Like Be Kind Rewind, Efter brylluppet (Danish), Snow Cake, Hors de prix (French), Run Lola Run... I love it that most people don't really watch these kinda movies. So I get to buy them for cheap.

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I also got my Ipod last week from a friend. He's getting the latest version so he decided to let go of the old one that he had since last year. So not that old really. I seriously don't care about the extra features, apps and all. I just wanna have all my strange dance and electronica tracks in there. But I am quite anal about having the right single and album covers attached to each songs along with the lyrics.

And this is a photo from a couple of days ago. Right after I carelessly left my debit card at the ATM machine. I realized I didn't have it only after more than 12 hours the next day. Cancelled the card immediately but still I couldn't sleep the whole night thinking there's a jack-ass out there who must have been shopping with money from my saving account. I went straight to the bank downstairs from my office the next day (tweeted the whole process while waiting in line)and discovered that all my money was still there. Pheww...

The funny thing about Malaysian debit card is there's no pin number required each time you want to make a purchase. So anyone who's clever enough to copy your signature can use your card for their own benefit.

I swear I'll never look at my debit card (or ATM card) the same way ever again.

Song playing inside my head: Nicole Scherzinger's Poison


kin said…
when i look at the pic, i wonder when are you going to cut ur hair. not d regular type of cut.
but i want to see a different style.