Last year wearing Zara tee, Topman jeans, Timberland boots, Uniqlo bag

So 2011 is finally here. A decade has passed since I left high school. It's crazy how time just flies by. I'm a decade older now. But deep inside I still feel like a kid. I still believe that Santa Claus is real. What do you mean he's not?!

Anyway, I didn't really partake in the whole countdown, firework and New Year's kiss ritual last night. I went out with a friend but we were so annoyed by the crowd and the noise, we decided to head home early. I guess we were just no longer excited about it because we've been there so many times before. That and because I am working today (Saturday).

All my rings are from DIVA

Yeah, it's stupid! Who works on the 1st of January?! But here I am in my office trying to be a good employee. I decided not to call in sick because I did that last year. Hahah. But I heard we could leave early today after the new students registration. So fingers-crossed!

Btw, each time people ask me what is my resolution for 2011. I just tell them I want to become popular.

Ha ha...

Song playing inside my head: Mariah Carey's Auld Lang Syne