Slave for fashion in Topman tee, skinny jeans and bracelets, Uniqlo bag, Reebok sneakers.

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about how certain women are still rocking trends from 4,5 years ago. Surprisingly, it received a lot of negative feedbacks from so many readers who disagree with me. Well they might have thought that I wrote the article solely from my personal point of view and being a guy who claimed to know a lot about fashion is obviously not enough to convinced them that I do know what I was talking about.

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But I couldn't stop these people from being very defensive about their fashion choices. Like I don't really care if they still want to wear their tunics with leggings like it was the year 2004. Or if they chose to still wear their gladiator flats looking like Sienna Miller circa 2005, I seriously have nothing against that.

But my point is the article was written simply as a suggestion for the readers so that they could trade their leggings with opaque tights, gladiator flats with the ever timeless ballerina flats, polo-shirts with Alexander Wang-style soft-fluid cotton tees and Rachel Greene's silky straight hair with Olsen twins' relaxed curls.

There was this one comment on the article about how women should wear what they feel comfortable in instead of following trends. I think that was bullshit. If all women only wear what we feel comfortable in, then nobody would ever walk in high heels or wear leather jackets in Malaysia.

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