Fish and Birdy

Wearing Cotton On tee and feather necklace, Topman skinny jeans, Pull&Bear cap, Timberland boots, Uniqlo bag and F21 necklace

Last Sunday I watched a play, said 'hi' to cute koi fish in the pond and stared at the clouds till my eyes hurt.

The play was a local interpretation of "Birdy" from the 1978 William Wharton's novel. It was also made into a feature film by Alan Parker in 1984. But I seriously have never heard of any of these until my friend invited me to come with her to see the play. It was quite good. The acting was good, lighting was okay and the cellist played very well. We were kinda late but I don't think we missed that much.

I put my photographic skills on a test after we left KLPac. I captured the clouds and lake outside with my Canon camera and it's not even DSLR or one of those expensive shit. But I don't care. The photos are gorgeous anyway.

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I couldn't help but laugh at these people who fork out thousands of dollars for a good camera, install pirated version of Photoshop on their computers and it's like BAM! They're suddenly photographers. How stupid is that?!

Oh and I love fish! We always have fish at home; in the aquarium, the small pond in the lawn and in the tiny bowl on my bedside table. I must have been a closeted Pisces and I didn't even know it!

Song playing inside my head: Kanye West's All of the Lights