Home & Away

Wearing white tee and jeans from Topman, bag from Forever 21, Converse Chuck Taylors and assorted rings from Diva and H&M

In my hometown. Spending some quality time with my parents. Well it's not like I was sitting on their laps watching TV but we talked and I gave them a little bit of updates about my life back in the city.

I missed this bedroom whenever I'm away. My stacks of Teen Vogue from uni years and my mood-board are still here. Nothing has ever really changed around here. So whenever I need to feel like myself again, I pack my bags, hop on the train and tell my Mom that I'll be home in two hours.

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I love this photo of myself taken by a good friend a few days ago. I found myself sporting these 7 year-old pair of Chuck Taylors again recently. Sometimes you just need to feel free and be able to move instead of having your toes all cramped up in a pair of pointy toe shoes. This Topman white tee is great too. I love the wide neck and the size of the arm holes really makes it very comfortable.

And I'm not watching what I'm eating at all here. Tell me who said no to home-made donuts?

Song playing inside my head: Taylor Swift's Mine


Memer said…
When it comes to family, we are still children at heart. No matter how old we get, we always need a place to call home. :)
gywneth paltrowski said…
the last time my mum made doughnuts was way back when i was in my teens.she did'nt make it anymore.miss her doughnuts.