Everyday feels like I'm in the set of Grey's Anatomy. I've been spending more time in hospital than I have ever had before. My dad underwent a heart surgery earlier this week. Everything seems to be okay. It still breaks my heart each time I step into the ward and see him just lying there because he used to be very healthy. Even healthier than the rest of us in the family.

A lot of things have been put on halt. Family always comes first. And it surprised me to discover this whole different side of me. Suddenly I am this person who carry all the responsibility; taking my mom out for lunch and dinner, doing laundry for them, talking to the doctor on each visit and a whole lot of other things that I've always let my two sisters did for me.

No outfit post. Just some random photos that I snapped throughout the week.

I'm off from work for the whole week. But I've been writing and blogging from the lobby of the hospital.

Song playing inside my head: Katy Perry's Firework


Lein Nazir said…
Hope he gets well soon...