Hold It Against Me

Wearing tee from Forever 21, skinny jeans from Topman, lace up boots from Bonia, oversized bag from Seed and the LV is my friend's

First day of returning back to work was quite difficult. I couldn’t sleep the night before and people kept asking about how my dad is doing. And I have this sore throat and I was still tired from the whole week of running around to many different places and I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that my rent was already 5 days overdue because my stupid housemate went back to Jakarta without leaving his part.


So it’s Thursday and I'm still sleep deprived. I woke up this morning and it was 11.30am. I have been late three days in a row, so decided to just call in sick instead.

I’m going back to my hometown tomorrow. I need to clear my head and not think about students’ exam, Prada heels or how to write a goddamn feature article on how women should dress after 35.

Btw, the photo was taken last weekend. I wore this fabulous tee with plunging neckline that drove my friends crazy. And I bought a new pair of pointy boots that is super sexy. Yeah I did shop a little bit too much last week! But I think I deserved it.

The only highlight of the week so far is Britney's new single single 'Hold It Against Me'. And in case you are wondering how to dress up after 35. Click HERE and HERE

Song playing inside my head: Britney’s Hold It Against Me