I Blame Coco

In my room wearing cheap green cardie and tee, Topman jeans and Cotton On brown army boots

Had a great weekend last week. A friend came over and we just gossiped and shopped non stop for two days. Finally bought a great pair of brown boots that I have been hunting for since last year.

I cut my hair too...

And I realized that I haven't really been goin out that much. I miss goin to events, parties and stuff. I do get some invites but the timing wasn't right. With my dad still recovering from his heart surgery, it just didn't feel right for me to go out and get hammered.

So I've been at home watching A LOT of movies. I even managed to find movies that I missed from 8 or 10 years a go. Like Clint Eastwood's Mystique River which Sean Penn won Oscar for.

Hahah... Life is not that interesting lately which makes updating this blog becoming such a chore. Unless I'm Cesar who has a lot to talk about, like Fashion Week and stuff.

So I need to go out more when the time is right.

Like right now?

Song playing inside my head: I Blame Coco's Ceasar