In my bedroom after a night out in town wearing: Zara jacket, Cotton On tee, Topman jeans, F21 bag and pointy toe boots

So I have this little project in the pipeline for Emmagem. It's supposed to be a secret but it is something that I definitely need a little bit of help with. So I asked a favor from this girl I went to university with and she agreed. We are not really that close. She's not within my circle of friends but we have spoken a few times in several different occasions in the past. Anyway, the first time I approached her about the project was right after last year's Topman party. I was so damn wasted at that time. Ha ha! But I did send her an email and Facebook message right after that when I was all sobered up asking for her confirmation. And she told me that she was totally up for it.

Totally unrelated photos but who cares

But when it was finally time to start, she ignored all my messages and simply left me hanging up until today. I just thought that she chickened out and obviously changed her mind. I don't think I should even take the trouble to ask her why. But I decided to check her Facebook profile anyway. Maybe, just maybe I could find the answer there. Well guess what. When I search her name on my friends list...

Surprise surprise! She's gone!

Wow! How classy...

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Song playing inside my head: Sebadoh's Spoiled