Just Deal With It

Wearing Old Navy shirt, Topman carrot-cut jeans, Timberland boots and Diva rings

Yesterday I watched Burlesque (like finally!)and sat near the fountain that changes color every five seconds.

It's been very slow lately. I mean life in general. There's a lot of drama going on back at the office but I refused to take part in any of them. Opportunities knocked on my door and knowing myself so much better than anybody else, I shut the door and decided to just cling on to the principal of "what if".

So here I am!

Let's stop being dramatic for one second! I mean not everything in life is really that complicated. Like when my favorite bag was totally destroyed yesterday because I've been stuffing unmarked exam papers into it. I just took the damn thing and tossed it into the trash can. I did take the exam papers out of the bag first tho'.

Or when I had 6 hours of lesson to teach two days before the actual exam date. I made arrangements with the students to come for extra classes that spanned up to 3 hours two days in a row. To make things worse, we had trouble finding a classroom to fit all 30 students in the beginning. But thanks to this pharmacy lecturer, we ended up learning about Present Progressive Tense surrounded by drugs and daily supplements in a pharmacy lab. They hated me for doing that. But did I manage to cover all chapters and the contact hours? Hell yes I did!

And English lecturers have to move upstairs by the end of the week. Which means I will be trading the tall cubicle with a room with four glass walls. It sucks! But I will suck it all in and pack my stuff this Friday.

So my new thing is 'JUST FUCKIN DEAL WITH IT'.

Song playing inside my head: Alanis's So Pure