Kentucky '79

Wearing Topman tee (very old), cuffed jeans, brown army boots and Reebok backpack with vintage necklaces and Diva rings

Had a really fun time at the flea market last week. When it comes to vintage shopping and flea market, I'm always up for it. Well except for the one that they held weekly at this stadium in Shah Alam. I couldn't stand the heat and was just too embarrassed to carry an umbrella or wear JLo-style floppy hat. Hah!

Anyway... The one that I went to last week was at the ground level of a shopping mall. We were late as always and it was just a few more minutes before the vendors packed up their stuff. So my friend and I was scurrying around the place within just a few minutes trying to look for cheap 90s music CD, vintage pendants and second hand books.

What my fortune cookies says
Pendants from the flea market

And no one should underestimate the power of cheap-skates and bargain hunters like us because we managed to score some of the most awesome stuff there. I walked away with two pendants, Tori Spelling tell-all book (yeah I know), DVDs and some old Happy Meal toys. My friend fared quite well too with some books and vintage rings.

At the end of the day we broke our fortune cookies that we got for free at the Payless Bookstore and mine reads: Love and friendship fill a large place in your life.


Song playing inside my head: Barcelona's Falling Out of Trees