What Are We Going To Do Next?

Wearing GAP tee, Topman carrot-cut jeans, bag and my new brown boots

It's the 1st of February and here I am back in my hometown for Chinese New Year holiday. The college is closed for the whole week. It's Day No.3 and all that I have been doing is eating, smoking and sleeping. It's been raining non stop too and I have skipped shower for two days!

With my laptop on 24 hours a day everytime I come home, I have discovered a lot of things on the net. One of them is how I actually was featured on TongueInChic's Wearnesday website. It was the photo of me in a dark leopard print hoodie and green sneakers. It's one of my fave out of all my outfit photos. So I'm glad that the photo was chosen.

Check it out HERE and leave your comment peeps!

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And the other day I was looking at some photos of my married friends. I couldn't stop wondering about their lives. I mean, what are they going to do next? I ask myself the same question all the time too. Are they going to become all boring now and only talk about diapers and baking?


Well who knows they might be wondering the same thing about me too. Am I going to talk about shoes and red carpet fashion for my entire life? I guess I'll just have to let them know that I'll be happy to do so. Maybe not for my entire life, but for now all the shoe-talk and red-carpet bitchin keep me happy and it doesn't hurt that I got paid for them.

And if you care enough, read my ramblings on SAG Awards red carpet and gushing over the latest model extraordanaire- Arizona Muse HERE and HERE As for these photos, they were taken last week after work at KLCC when I got home very quickly, changed and make it there on time for greasy fast food, discounted coffee and the showing off of my new shoes =)

It's okay if you wanna hate me.

Song playing inside my head: Adele's Rolling In The Deep