I have a few entries pending. Kinda busy but mostly I'm just lazy. When the clock struck at 6pm everyday, I rush out of the office, get home as quickly as I could and just stay there until the next day when I have to wake up late and get back to work again. It's like a cycle and it has started to become a lifestyle which I didn't sign up for.

Wearing Cotton On tee and striped pants, M&S boat shoes and assorted rings from Diva, H&M and Vincci

Yeah and that was me giving y'all a wallpaper-worthy pose for your desktop. Hahah! Perfect for Halloween.

Aside from my own little mini drama inside my head, other stuff like writing is still in full swing. I have been updating Emmagem readers on the Galliano news. Emma-a-man is on too with entries about momma's boy and navy shoes. And don't forget the fashion week. I've been writing a lot about that too. Read all of them HERE

Song playing inside my head: Adele's Someone Like You and this is how it feels like: