Aku Siapa

A couple of weeks back I went to the premiere of a documentary movie entitled "Aku Siapa". Directed by our very own local talent Norhayati Kaprawi of Lensa Srikandi, it discussed the issue of hijab or head-scarf among Muslim women here in Malaysia. The well-researched documentary try to find the answer for so many questions regarding the subject like why do they wear them, the origin of it and which part of the Holy Quran stated that women need to cover their hair.

And in case you're wondering, most women interviewed in the movie was totally clueless when they were asked these questions.

Click below for the trailer and details for the 2nd screening

After the premiere wearing Zara tee, Topman skinny jeans, Forever 21 bag and biker jacket, brown army boots and DIVA rings

I have to say that it's a very sensitive issue and Norhayati is bold enough to really put it out there. The discussion afterward among the viewers and people involved in the movie mentioned a lot about "alternative point of view" on the matter which was something pretty much unheard of in mainstream media. I am not an expert to talk about religion and anything closely related to it. But leaving the premiere at Annexe that evening left us with even more unanswered questions.

And my friend Shikin happens to wear hijab. I couldn't help myself from asking her this one question:

"You're not going to take off yours anytime soon right?"

Song playing inside my head: Bruno Mars' Marry You