Jaspal Fashionista Search

Yours truly in a whole lot of Cotton On and Topman jeans side by side with Miss Ashleigh

Gorgeous Amber Chia

Wilson the sweetie pie and Ash

Another entry that supposed to be published ages ago. So here it is finally.

I was invited by my friend Ashleigh to Jaspal SS 2011 show at Mid Valley and she was one of the models for the Fashionista Search Competition. So I skipped STYLO that night to show some love for her.

I was late that evening (as always, like other divas do) and was rushing home from work to change. Got there around 7.45pm and thank god the show hasn't even started. Chatted with Ash quite a bit before she left to entertain other guests at the party. So I sat at a corner with my drinks and mini pop-tarts till the show finally began.
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It was a fun show and the garments were very wearable. Well nobody really expected couture that evening. Afterall, it was Jaspal, not Jasper Conran. Amber Chia kick-started the show looking gorgeous as ever! Can't believe she's just had a baby few months ago!

Top model, Wilson was there too. I asked Ash to take photo with him because I was just too shy to approach him at the beginning. But he was such a darling and down to earth! We even exchanged business cards. So now I have his phone number and we talk like everyday ya know.

Just kidding!

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