My One Night Only: Alexander Wang Nails

My stumpy fingers and ancient Blackberry

Haven't been updating here for quite sometimes. It's been kinda busy for the past few weeks. Stylo Fashion Week is currently taking place for the entire week until Sunday. I was there on Saturday and Sunday. And just like any other fashion events, it involved a lot of waiting and the test of patience. Patience for fashion anyone?

The only piece of A.Wang that I have for now

The Vampire-themed Pre-Opening Fashion Bash yesterday was insane. Not that I got wasted or anything but something happened. But I'm not going to do a full entry on the event yet. I'm just excited to show my nails which I painted specifically for the night.

Could someone please tell me whether vampires really have black nails? I was not too sure but I wanted to stick to the theme of black. So I painted half of my finger nails with Alexander Wang Shiseido Maquillage nail polish in purplish black.

It took me one whole hour to complete all five fingers. And I'm sure I spent the longest on the nails on my right hand. Gosh! Now I know why girls have messy nail polish all the time!

I have to say that mine was not too bad at all for a first timer.But as soon as I got home last night, nail polish was off and here I am back at my desk with fingernails even the homeless will cringe at...

More Stylo Fashion Week highlights coming your way soon people!

Song playing inside my head: BEP's Fashion Beats


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montok ye tgn u ni rupa2nya