AXE Tribunal Court

Lazy day outfit of DC Comic tee, cuffed Topman jeans, leather shoes and Uniqlo bag

So yours truly is not only about fashion events and high-end product launch. I was actually there at Mist Club Bangsar to celebrate Axe Tribunal Court a few weeks ago. Yes! Axe as in the body spray that will make ladies go gaga and write down their phone numbers on sandwich and window-pane. I'm sure you get the idea.

So this little celebration that they had was to celebrate Axe "Most Wanted". These people were selected contestants who supposedly guilty for so many reasons including "for being born a seductionist" and "for having body too hot to walk away from". Faint!

So the entire evening was all about them proving their guilt by letting girls dancing around them like a stripper poll, Q&A sessions and more dancing. Well I was a bit too tipsy to remember the details but I think this chubby guy named Sanjay was announced as the "guilty one" at the end.

Bumped into Dannie. He was part of the team. He came over to say hi and said " I didn't know you go to this kind of event!?" And I was like "I go to all kinds of event Dannie!".

I wanted to add "as long as they have free flow of alcohol!" but the words somehow didn't come out. So I kept drinking and cheering for the contestants.


Song playing inside my head: Warpaint's Undertow