Ooh Yeah!

Very drunk in Topman tee and carrot cut jeans, Uniqlo bag and cheap shoes from Korea

Yes that's me with Ashleigh and Jonathan on the page of last month's issue of Esquire

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been busy lately with a lot of other stuff like moving in and out of my apartment and dealing with people who brought negative energy back at the office. Long story. I don't even want to tell and relive the whole experience. But I'm moving in to a nicer room by the end of the week with the help of someone who wanted to see me live somewhere that suits me better. Ya know like a castle. Ha-ha! He told me he couldn't let me stay in this current shit-hole where I'm temporarily living in. Awww...

Ohh and btw people, If you've recently moved into a new place, and are looking for new appliances such as washing machines then check out the collection at www.very.co.uk. I definitely need one of those.

And as for the drama at the office, it seems never-ending.I'm seriously very sick of people trying to find fault in others. Like they always talk about my time management and punctuality when there are people who openly steal from others and argue while dropping the F-bombs in the staff room. So it's okay to say FUCK YOU to a pregnant colleague but never even once arrive 10 minutes late to the office.

What kind of twisted shit is that?!

Anyway... I have made a slight change in my lifestyle. Well let's just say Sex and the City is not that much about apple martini and sample sales anymore because honey, we now actually have sex in the mix.

Okay not funny but yeah, life is slightly different now. There is less waiting around in my room with my Blackberry on my chest. It's all about getting myself out there and making new connections.

Despite all the shit that I've been through, I'm actually doing quite okay. Like seriously things will never be the same.

Song playing inside my head: Maroon 5's Moves Like Jagger (feat. Christina Aguilera)


Anonymous said…
sex in the mix. i like.

fallen angel / or ur pregnant friend.
Fash said…
Haha! I like it more ;)