Truly a Shopper

Hosts Hansen Lee and Belinda Chee
The three finalists

So I have a lot of event coverage way past their shelf dates. But I somehow feel obligated to write or at least mention them because these people have been kind enough to invite me and I really appreciate the opportunity to take part in all of these fabulous events and parties. Come on! I’m just a writer and blogger for this blog with only 16 followers on its Facebook page. I bet there are like millions other similar local blogs out there.

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Anyway, I was invited by my good friend famous local menswear designer Mr. Bon Zainal to Truly a Shopper event a few months back at Celsius Bar, Fahrenheit 88. It was the finale for an online shopping reality show for Tourism Malaysia website. The show was very successful. Viewers tuned in every week to check out the progress of each contestant on weekly challenges leading to the announcement of Malaysia’s ultimate shopaholic extraordinaire that day.

Bon Zainal and friends

Swing Chan the ultimate shopaholic
Snapped this when I got home from the event. Wearing Topman tee, Uniqlo denim jacket, Topman skinny jeans, Cotton On boots and F21 and Diva necklaces

The three finalists were Swing Chan, Ing Kai Teo and Iva Aguero. But in the end judges Gillian Hung and Benjamin Thoong decided that Swing Chan was the deserving winner of the competition. I kinda hoped that Iva Aguero won because she dressed very well compared to the other two finalists and I like her personality. Yeah, from a few seconds of the show snippets shown on the big screen.

Bon Zainal was one of the judges for the earlier rounds of the show. That evening he introduced me to Amir Luqman, another designer whom I’ve bumped into so many times at other events but never really officially introduced. He turned out to be quite nice and humble. There were also these two business partners with a very big mission for our city. We discussed some of the details but they requested me to remain tight-lipped about the plan until it finally takes shape and ready to be announced. All I can say right now is—I AM SO EXCITED!

And as for the show Truly a Shopper, there will be a second season coming up soon. For more details check out

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Anonymous said…
Pretty insightful. Thanks!

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iva said…
Hi! I'm Iva, thanks for your support & sorry about the disappointment, I also hoped to win :)
Fash said…
Hey no worries Iva =)