Left: Graphic tee, Cotton On military jacket, Topman jeans, DIVA vampire ring and brown leather bag. Right: Off to work in work staples-- Padini and Seed
Left: Another work outfit. Seed shirt and pants with Topman belt. Right: Uniqlo tee, Topman jeans, Chuck Taylors and Reebok back-pack

I think the world knows by now that I take photos of my outfit. Not because I'm vain but simply because I love my clothes. I pick them up and I style myself. So each outfit photo always feels like a serious achievement to me.

I don't know. Maybe it's just me. I guess the fact that I am not seriously good-looking makes it okay. Imagine Chris Evans with a personal style blog. Now that's vain!

In Uniqlo tee, Topman black carrot-cut jeans, Cotton On friendship bracelets and brown leather bag

Song playing inside my head: KT Tunstall's Someday Soon