Levi's and M by Missoni Eyewear Launch

Wearing H&M tee, Seed pants, Aldo hi-tops and Uniqlo bag

Okay this one is like from ages ago. But I've promised Jimmy Ong who invited me to the event that I will write an entry about it.

I was a bit late for the event. Thanks to the heavy traffic on Friday afternoon and a meeting earlier on that took ages to finish.

I reached Fahrenheit 88 after like an hour in the cab, collected my press kit, made my way through the crowd and snapped countless photos of the gorgeous eyewear from Levi's and M by Missoni. Well god knows I'm obsessed with Missoni and all of their zig-zag patterns and Italian craftsmanship. Managed to try on a few pairs which according to the guys at the booth were "unisex".

Oh gosh! Please don't even mention my outfit that day. I looked fat and haggard. I love the high-tops tho. They were Aldo. Wilson has the exact same pair and I told him to gimme a call each time he plans to wear them to any party or event. Ha-ha!

I can't shake this one thing that happened a few days ago out of my mind. I was shopping for groceries in KLCC. As I was struggling with my bags of stuff, I saw a skinny kid wearing the exact same tee as the one that I had on. It's was Topman with red stitching across the chest. I was so embarrassed, I took out my cell and pretended to answer a phone call.

Oh! So Levi's and M by Missoni eyewear. They are gorgeous! Levi's even designed a pair for men that comes with a set of headphones. As for Missoni, I want them all but it's such a shame they don't stock men's eyewear here in KL.

Song playing inside my head: The XX's Shelter