Manhunt Malaysia 2011

And right after the eyewear launch, yours truly rushed to another event. But I think my mind was elsewhere for whatever reason that I went to the wrong venue. My friend Wilson was already at Zouk waiting for me for Uberman launch. But I mistakenly went to Marketplace instead for Manhunt Malaysia 2011. I found out later that Wils' initial plan was to go to Zouk first and only after that we would go to Marketplace.

Anyhoo... I was there throughout the competition. Not impressed at all... I'm sorry... But each time I saw cameras pointing toward my direction, I smiled and clapped like I really mean it. I texted Bon Zainal when the emcee announced that the evening wear was sponsored by the designer. It turned out that he was a few tables away from me with his friend--another menswear designer, Azmeer.

Ended up joining them at their table for the rest of the night. He even took me backstage to photograph all of the contestants and the winner that night-- Juan. He represented Malaysia for the final competition in Seoul, Korea. He was quite alright. Made it to the Top 16 but didn't win :(

Well as for the reason why I was not impressed by most(but not all especially David cuz I know him. Hehe!) of the contestants that night? Here's a photo of the Grand Prize winners at the final competition and the rest are our very own local boys giving us sexy at the competition.

I'll let you be the judge.

If you wanna know who actually won the whole thing-- click HERE

Song playing inside my head: Coldplay's Paradise