YODA Takes Us Back to the Eighties

Still a bit hungover from heavy partying the night before, I woke up so late on Saturday. Picked up the phone and call my friends to see if there was anywhere good to go. I somehow ended up at an event by organized by YODA (Young Designers Arena) at Fahrenheit 88 that afternoon. The theme was "Back to the Eighties" and the only thing Eighties on me that day was the birth year written on my ID. Ha-ha!

Didn't expect a lot of friends to be there. Steven was there, Wilson--Mr.Model Man (Oops..Supermodel), Mr.Bon Zainal, Azmeer... everyone was there and I was introduced to Hotmama--Stephanie Liah and her BFF, Amyza. Had a really great time chatting with her and viewing the collections along with some snarky remarks. Most of them from yours truly of course. Ha-ha! CLICK FOR MORE

The models and group photos at the end of the event. I was wearing my F&F trompe l'oeil shirt, Topman cuffed-jeans, Bonia shoes and vintage clutch

But I have to give it up to all these young designers. It's not easy to come out with your own label these days. Well actually you can, if you have a lot of money and your dad is a Tan Sri who's willing to take care of everything. But for the rest of these aspiring designers, they have to really earn it and get as many people as possible to notice their talent.

YODA is a great platform for this youngsters and they have been doing a lot for them lately.

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Group photos are by Sam Kassim

Song playing inside my head: Jessie J's Who We Are