Quarter Homme X Bremen Wong

With one of the models Armin before the show started

Yours truly in F21 jacket, Seed pants, brown wing-tipped and Zara tee with all the fabs- Wilson, Frank, Zheng Hao and Nadia

Oh gosh! I would be so grateful even if I can get this one entry done. Sooo many entries pending! If I were KinkyBlueFairy, I'm already at the risk of losing my clients by now. Ha-ha! Thank god there's no such thing as client for Fash-un-able for now. I just have friends who support each other like illustrator/milliner/designer Bremen Wong.

I was at Quarter Homme Underwear show not too long ago. Yes it was an underwear show but Quarter Homme collaborated with Bremen and the result was a breathtaking show with all the male models walking down the runway in sexy Quarter Homme underwear and Bremen's avant-garde head pieces.

Joanne Kam!

I did a little bit of research before attending the show that evening and found out that Bremen Wong has even been featured on Vogue Italia website as well as countless other international magazines. So I was like,"Way to go Bremen!" upon meeting him after the show!

No words can describe. So readers, feast your eyes with all the stunning photos that I snapped throughout the show. From the front row of course, thanks to Cavin from Men's Health ;) I was bitching about the models to him and Wilson who also sat right next to me throughout the show. Ha-ha! Blame it on the red wine! Jealousy is an ugly thing too ya know!

Shout out to Zheng Hao, Lee Kah Fai of Quarter Homme, Nadia of SAKU and my fave comedienne Joanna Kam.

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