Bell & Ross & Envy

Deanna Yusoff

Bon Zainal and friend

I was so damn jealous of my friend's Bell&Ross wrist watch because he got it as a gift from a friend in Aussie. I was hinting to him like crazy about how I would love to receive my own as a gift for my birthday next year. Better start saving for it now.

My phone rang a couple of days after our conversation (and my sick attempt to get him to buy me one). It was my editor asking me to come with her to Bell & Ross party at Pavilion. What a coincidence huh?

The dancers

Yours truly in Key Ng With Betty

The theme was Roaring Twenties. It would have been much easier if I were a girl. Feathers, pearls, flapper dress.... perhaps a turban and I'm good to go. I knew I was not supposed to wear my skinny pants so I opted for a pair of loose, blue stripey pants that still have the price-tag attached. Ended up buying a shrunken jacket from Key Ng on my way to Pavilion because I hated the shirt that I had on. Thank god it was on sale and the shop assistant was so kind.

Ended up partying until late as Steven,Bon and the gang were there. I was dancing and acting goofy with actress/singer Betty Banafee. She really knows how to party! Well the watches were exquisite and so does the rare appearance of the stunning Deanna Yusoff singing La Vie En Rose on stage.

What a night!

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Song playing inside my head: Caribou's Sun