Desire and Vertigo

With Frank, Parisz, Wilson and Sam

Sam, Parisz (she still calls me 'Hani'), Kelvin and yours truly

Well right after Quarter Homme show, we headed to Asian Heritage Row for the 1st Anniversary of Desire. As expected everyone was there but we were a wee bit too late. The free-flow has stopped and there were just some dancers and pythons making their round within the club.

Frank, Moe and Raj Aria

With Amy, Wilson and Stephanie

After some very quick click click flash at Desire, we headed straight to Vertigo Club launch at Garden's. The coolest dance-floor I've ever seen with multi-colored LED which reminded me of Justin Timberlake's Rock Your Body video. A whole lot of beautiful people in the crowd as well.

And this is an event from many months ago. Trying to keep up here. Please bear with me sweets.

Song playing inside my head: Beyonce's Dance For You