Hot, Hottie, Hot at The Hottest Hunks in Malaysia

With Steffie, Frank, Parisz and Arico

Jimmy Lee

I was invited by my dear friend/designer Bremen Wong to the final of New Icon's The Hottest Hunks in Malaysia. I have covered the event for Emm-a-man long time ago which you can read about HERE. Well of course the priority is Emm-a-man because I have to stick to deadlines. Fash-un-able is mine so there's no such thing because pretty similar to my own life, it's a bit all over the place sometimes. Ha-ha!

So I was there and I asked my friend Ivan, Steffie and Arico to tag along. As expected, it was a night of hot half-naked men showing us their talent, eloquence and of course a whole lot of wash-board abs. The entire event was mostly in Chinese, so I was left with just the visual. Not that I was complaining but my photographer seemed to have a lot more fun snapping away at his spot right in front of the main stage. Ha-ha!

My friend Jimmy Lee was one of the finalist and I was rooting for him that night. But gawd! He looked different in the ballot card that I voted for someone else that looked like him. Sorry Jimmy! Ha-ha!

Joanne Kam as one of the judges

Talent show

With Zack, Bremen, Zhen Hao and Lee Kah Fai

Arico and Steffie

I met Zack, last year's winner who's now building his modelling career while studying at one of the local private colleges. The Quarter Homme gang was also there and I was very glad to see them. Bremen talked to me about his plan for a show before the year ends. But mind you that this conversation took place months ago. The show which Bremen was planning for has taken place last Sunday and I was there. Will write a full entry on that one.

As for The Hottest Hunks in Malaysia, I heard the calendar is out but I'm not too sure because their FB update was in Chinese. Check it out HERE

Photos by: Ivan Lee

Song playing inside my head: Foster The People's Call It What You Want