it's Passion for Fashion

With Wilson, Steffie and Arico

With Ashleigh

I was wearing Key Ng, Peacocks and a whole lot of Topman that night

Let's do Passion for fashion today. Better late than never!

It was a great night. A lot of celebs. Everyone was there. I was dancing and falling off the sofa for the entire night. The best part was I brought along my own photographer so that I could dance like a total bitch on the stripper-pole all night and still have photos of the event taken care of. Thanks to Ivan. Check out his Facebook page HERE

Got an FB message the day earlier from Josiah asking me where to get a white turtle neck because he was planning to wear one to the party. I asked him to check out Uniqlo and Calvin Klein, which he did. Voila! Who's that guy in white turtle neck at Passion for Fashion? Mr. Josiah Mizukami of course!

With Steffie

Leng Yein walking for Ori Chiew

Carl Graham

Oh! Who can forget the sizzling fashion show by Ori Chiew!? We're always on this constant argument about who's more fab, Ori or Hannef. Ha-ha! I think she's far more fab than I am but she always thinks the opposite.

Rootz was sooo crowded that night and the bar was literally on fire! I can't wait for next year's Passion for Fashion!

Photos by: Ivan Lee, Aerden Oo and Zust

Song playing inside my head : Martin Slolveig's Hello