MiFA Glam Lelaki Pt.2

Regnum Lapideum by Silas Liew

Rawmeo by Benson Chen

Joe Chia

Here's Part 2 of my MiFa Glam Lelaki Gala entry. It was great to see my friends David, Wilson, Zack and Kenzo strutting their stuff down the runway like it was nobody's business. These guys are so professional! I tried to be the same by not screaming their names or distracting them.

I've actually witnessed this certain model's friends/relatives whom I think didn't understand that modelling IS actually a job. They were cheering so loud from where they were sitting and trying so desperately to get noticed. This is the kind of behavior that will make Anna Wintour furiously walk out of a fashion show!

These people have to understand that once the models are on the runway, they are committed on only one thing- to showcase the garments the best way possible while sticking to the overall theme of the show.


Hmmm.. Just sayin'...

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Song playing inside my head: Lykke Li's Tonight