Ducati and S.M.F 10.10 Birthday

With Steffie, Arico and everybody

With Hannah Tan and Steven of Dailychilli

My darling Steffie

Have you ever been to any VVIP party? It's always very exciting although it can get a bit stressful with all the preparation and rules that you have to stick to. Pressure is on as soon as you RSVP for the party.

I was very fortunate to be part of the Ducati launch and SM Faisal Nasimuddin birthday party at Rootz Lot 10. The Ducati launch was a jam-packed event with TV stations, newspaper journalists, ministers and celebrities. Valentino Rossi was there along with Siti Nurhaliza and a few other familiar faces of KL party scene. It was raining and they had to take the event inside. Well I wasn't really there for the motor-bike so I decided to hang on my table inside at Teeq instead where all the VVIPs are. Did I say HI to Siti and shook hands with SM Faisal? Oh hell yeah I did!

Photos from the photo-booth that I was just too lazy to scan

The only photo that shows my outfit head to toe

The party was a whole different story altogether. The long wait that we had to bear for the crew to change the club setting was used to our full advantage. The flashbulb went wild and a lot of new friendships were formed within those two hours.

The dress-code was white and red. So I wore my white Pierre Balmain shirt, black Topman jeans and Aldo high-tops along with my fave multi-strands necklace from F21. No cell-phone or camera allowed inside the event. Mine was out of battery so I didn't even bother to take it out of my pocket.

One of the craziest night ever. Everybody got so damn wasted! I tried to sit after dancing like a slutty-ho for at least one hour but missed the stool and fell flat on my ass! Ha-ha!

Everything was all very blurry after that. But when I woke up the next day, there was a shot glass on my bedside table! Haha!

Photos by: Kelvin Sing and Marriam's FB

Song playing inside my head: Die Antrwood's Fishpaste