Backstage at MiFA with M.A.C

Wearing APC sweater, Topman jeans, H&M rings and M&S shades posing at M.A.C makeup room with Beno Lim.

On the second day of MiFA, M.A.C arranged for a backstage interview with their Senior Makeup Artist from Singapore- Beno Lim. I'm not really a makeup expert because I don't really wear(proper)makeup. I even fucked-up my foundation on the first day of MiFA, which is the reason why all photos taken that day was uploaded black and white. Whoops! Check it out HERE

God knows I was so unprepared for the interview. A phone call came from my editor telling me about the arrangement, waited for one of the makeup artists at the registration before she walked me upstairs to their make-up room.

Beno was such a friendly guy. I felt at ease despite me sitting right next to him with just a piece of paper I scribbled with some quick notes (ie: strong brow, red-lips etc) right before I stepped into the room. Beno has done a lot of major shows at Fashion Weeks all over the world which include Roberto Cavalli, John Richmond, Ann Demulemeester, Salvatore Ferragamo and Blumarine. We talked about current trends in makeup as well as M.A.C's latest products in store.

The models were all set and ready to go when I got there. So after a few quick questions, he thought it would be a good idea if I joined the rest of the team backstage.

And off to the backstage I go =)

Read my interview with Beno Lim HERE

Song playing inside my head: Lana Del Rey's Born to Die