Fash All Over Town

As promised here are some photos of events from last year. OMG! I have more to cover but for the time being this photo collages will do. No fancy Photoshop or iPhone's Photoshake. These images were created with the good ol Paint application on my computer.


1. With Lulu of Prettylulu at Andrew's Model Fall Party.
2. My open-neck tee, Key Ng cropped jacket and blue clutch.
3. With Irene and Roshini at Clive Magazine Anniversary Party. We were late and had to pay for our drinks! Urghh!
4. In Uniqlo at Esquire's announcement of Malaysia's Best Dressed Man at KLCC.

1. With stylish doctor Juliena at KLutched Benefit Event. Her dress is Lanvin.
2. Breakfast with Bernard Chandran (and Phin) after a short interview at his Area 27 store.
3. With Sam Coleman, the Editor of Esquire Malaysia and Intan of Bella ntv7
4. Opening of Mednspa with my dear friends Steffie and Parisz.
5. My look at MiFA Pre-launch Party: A whole lot of Topman and Key Ng

Song playing inside my head: Kelly Clarkson's Stronger