MiFA Gala & Johny Walker Black Circuit Brazil

With Porchea and Sam

On the final day of MiFA I opted for this roomy tee from River Island. It's super comfy. I wore it under my Key Ng jacket. Well a whole day event in tropical country like Malaysia is definitely not easy. You get all sweaty and the girls have to powder their noses like every 30 minutes.

I sweat a lot. So whenever the heat started to become too unbearable, I took off my jacket and walked around in my oversized tee. Felt like I was at home in my living room!

With Stephanie Liah

It was the final night of MiFA Gala where all the awards were given to the designers. Tom Abang Saufi and Jovian Mandagie also showcased their latest collection along with a special performance by local songstress Ning Baizura.

Us with the Ananthan Sisters

But what happened later on that night? Johny Walker Black Circuit at KL Life! I was there with the rest of the gang! Had an insane amount of fun! Everybody was so damn wasted, myself included!

I saw a lot of crazy and scary status update the about that night on Facebook the next day. My experience was rather tame compared to them. Haha!

Song playing inside my head: O Children's Dead Disco Dancer