Aquarius by Raffles

With Kenji, Feroze, Irene and Steven

I was invited by the lovely Porchea to Aquarius: Raffles Graduation Fashion show at Blackbox Publika. I brought my usual 'team'- Steffie and Aric with me so that I wouldn't feel to self-conscious sitting there on the front row. Well it's always been that way. Sometimes I couldn't help but keep asking myself "What the hell am I doing here?" with people like Bon Zainal, Maya Karin or Siti Nurhaliza sitting a few seats away from me. Ha-ha!

Lady of the hour Porchea and my good friend Steffie

My shirt is INC, jeans are Topman and hair was a disaster

But there I was at Aquarius with seats with my name on it. The show carried the nautical theme and the RM20 proceed for each ticket sold will go to WWF Malaysia. The clothes were okay with a few questionable pieces in between. Well they're just students and they have a long journey ahead of them as designers. We let them off this time.

I was informed that there were altogether 26 designers working in 8 different groups. The 8 groups designed based on the selected theme of Rainbow Veins, Breath, NO FUTURE brand, Aurelia, CaCO3, The Aquarium, Melancholia and The Light of Hope.

I have to congratulate Porchea on the wonderful event. She was doing the planning and marketing side of it. I'm sure it was not easy to gather such a great crowd for the event.

You did good darlin'!

Song playing inside my head: Spin Doctor's Pretty Baby