SODA Revamped!

These are photos from the launch of Soda Holiday Collection 2011/2012. I was invited personally by Mama G so I showed up despite the heavy rain to give my support. The venue kinda suck. It was right smack in the middle of Pavilion walkway. The whole idea and concept were awesome but they could have been better executed. Maybe they should hire more security guards or just close the entire place. Click for more photos

But I was surprised by this new collection because I've seen clothes from Soda in the past. What was shown on the runway that evening was totally different and looked rather "expensive". Kudos to fashion guru Gillian Hung and creative consultant Daniel Beltsos. They have totally revamped the label. I seriously wouldn't mind wearing those sweaters and acid wash jeans.

In fact, I want them now!

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Song playing inside my head: Fiona Apple's Paper Bag