What to Wear to Party Tonight?

L to R: MiFA, Miss Tourism Malaysia, Opening of Desire Club, MiFA Melium Gala, MiFA Pre-Launch Party, Models Night At Quinte & Andrew's Model Fall Party

Kroenenberg Event, Johny Walker Black Circuit Party, MiFA GLAM Lelaki, MiFA Yoda and Opening of Michael Kors at Pavilion

I'm always aware of the fact that I will never be the most beautiful person in the room but the least I could do is make an effort. That's why I always take my own sweet time when prepping myself up for big parties and events. I can't remember how many times I've fucked up my foundation or wear clothes too thick I sweat like a pig for the entire night and have photos of sweat-patch on my armpits uploaded by photographers on Facebook. The good thing about all these mishaps is how I learned my lessons from them. Here are things that I've learned so far:

1. Whenever in doubt, I can always count on my black skinny jeans.

2. I sweat a lot so I prefer to wear clothes in colors that doesn't show traces of sweat.

3. I always snap photo of my face after applying foundation or BBCream to make sure that I don't look like a clown under the flashing bulbs. It happened before :(

4. I invest a lot in jackets. I do rotate my jackets by wearing different shirt underneath.

5. Accessorize like crazy! Everybody knows I make statements with my jewelry and shoes.

6. There's nothing wrong about planning your outfit from bottom up. I do it all the time. First I decide on the shoes, pants to go with it and finally the shirt, accessories and bag.

Song playing inside my head: Del Amitri's Roll At Me