Amy Mastura at Kose Infinity Launch

I took three different trains to get to Mid-Valley on time for Kose 40th Anniversary & the Launch of Kose Infinity Clear Force but still I missed the earlier part of the event :(

Was not at all prepared. I left both my camera and card-holder at home but I showed up anyway to support my friend Sam who was in charge of the event and of course to see Amy Mastura. Love her since I was a kid!

So we all know that Amy Mastura has been the spokesperson for Kose and that afternoon she actually renewed her contract with the major Japanese cosmetic brand. She was looking as flawless as ever wearing a billowy white blouse and gold maxi-skirt.

A little bit about Kose Infinity range:

In order to enhance color, texture and resilience of skin surface, KOSÉ Infinity focuses on papillary layer / pillar fiber 'oxytalan fiber as well as the outermost layer of dermis, which is regarded as base of skin. Kose Infinity range includes Oil Cleansing Cream, Tone Up Wash, Lotion Concentrate 14 as well as Refining Massage Cream and Clear Force which were both given to the attendees at the event to be taken home and tested.

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All the good photos of Amy Mastura at the event are courtesy of Sam Kassim. The bad ones below are all mine taken with my cellphone camera.

Thanks Kose!

Song playing inside my head: Madonna's Girl Gone Wild