An Enchanting Batik Evening with Miss Tourism International

Wearing Area27 tee, F21 cardie, Topman jeans, Seed lace-up boots and envelope clutch

I'm quite ashamed of the fact that I don't have any single batik pieces in my closet. I don't even wear sarong for god's sake! Not good. At all.

So there I was at Miss Tourism event feeling totally out of place in my cardigan and lace-up boots.

But I made up for my lack of "traditional-print fabrics" by posing in front of racks upon racks of batik right after the event. Ha-ha!

So "An Enchanting Batik Evening with Miss Tourism International" was actually a design competition. The contestants wore custom-made pieces designed by young local designers. All using batik. The winner took home quite hefty amount of cash and vouchers.

Bon Zainal was also there

Nurul of Prettylulu in batik

There was this one design that I really like on one of the contestants and surprise, surprise! It was announced the winner that night. Not bad huh?

I should have been sitting there among the panel of judges.

Song playing inside my head: Adele's Take It All