Are You Ready for Fashion Fantasies at STYLO 2012?

Nurul of Prettylulu looking very professional that day

Me. Not that professional looking.

STYLO Fashion Grand Prix is here again! A whole week of fashion extravagant is just a few hours ahead off us! Here are some of what to expect from STYLO this year.

-STYLO this year will be staged in 4 different venues in Klang Valley.

-Different themes of fairy tales and fantasy like Rapunzel and Hogwarts

-London-based STYLO International will fly in stars of Cirque du Soleil, a 10-member circus-based performing arts contingent from London.

-Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur will host the opening night

-Selected numbers of invitations for otherwise closed door festival being made available to public like Carlsberg Brewery.

-The launch of STYLO Model Club at the closing of the festival.

Here are a few photos of yours truly and the BDA team at the press conference held earlier this month at Hilton KL.

BDA Night is tonight at KL Tower. I'm writing this with clothes all over the bed and bedroom floor. I seriously don't have anything to wear.

Bon Zainal and Zukarnine Syah

Wish me luck for tonight!

Song playing inside my head: Carole King's Beautiful