Every Single Night

Now that all the Fashion Weeks are over, I can finally take a breather and focus on more important things in life. Well ya know like, organizing my shoes, changing my bedsheet, doing my laundry and starting my day with healthy breakfast every morning. Yeah updating this blog is one of them too.

Considering the fact that I've been to sooooo many events and parties, I don't think I can afford to write lengthy entries about each and every one one of them. So you're gonna see more photos than words in the next at least 20 entries. Yikes! I'm doing the best that I can here:)

Btw, the photo above is the cover of Fiona Apple's new single "Every Single Night". "Paperbag" is like my favorite song ever! I listen to it every single day. Haven't done this for so long but here are tracks that I have on repeat throughout the month of April:

1. One More Chance- Madonna
2. Only The Horses- Scissors Sister
3. Love Spent- Madonna
4. Shine- Collective Soul
5. Towers- Bon Iver The rest here