Topshop/Topman SS 2012 Preview & Zouk 8th Anno

With designers Zakwan and Fizi

The venue (Zebra Square) was jam-packed with people that we didn't even bother to get inside. So I was outside chit-chatting with all these cool young designers before we decided to go to Starhill Gallery for the opening of their Fashion Week. 

D'ya like my new Bershka tee? What about those polka-dot pants on Zakwan!? Oh and gotta love Fizi's shiny jackets. 

Brian and the gang, Thanks for the photo.

Lovely Irene who dragged me around the club introducing me to people. Love her for that!

I spent the rest of the night at Zouk's 8th Anniversary and got home around 5am. Yeah we party hard people!

Thanks April of Zouk for the tickets ;)

Song playing inside my head: The Kooks' She Moves In Her Own Way