I love looking at heavily edited photo like this one. I don't even look like myself! I don't know about my friend Zaki tho'
Attending my designer friends fashion show Lebaran Fashion Vanguard in  Juicy Couture tee,  Private Stitch  clutch, floral pants, Seed boots and  my fave piles of bracelets

RM 1 each from Low Yatt Plaza. I have weakness for cute but useless things. Just like one of my exes. 

These shoes pinch my feet but I love em so I just bear the pain which every single step

Amidst all the madness and negativity surrounding me, I decided to go back to my hometown for a few days of cleansing and relaxation. Well although I still have to upload stories to the websites and respond to annoying phone calls and text messages that I simply couldn't ignore, it felt so good to not even bother about what to wear in the evening and trying to figure out how to fit both my laptop and iPad into my neon snake-skin clutch.

When I'm at my parents', I sleep in till late, drink like 100 cups of coffee and watch reruns of bad TV until I realized that it's time for another one of those home-cooked meal that my mom prepares for us.

It's a total 180 from my life here in the city. I don't have to fake a smile and adjust my personality because my parents know me so well they can even sometimes read my mind. Now that's kinda scary!

These are things that I always do when I'm in my hometown. 

1.  Upgrade apps and software on my laptop, iPad, iPod and cellphone
2.  Add old and new songs to my iPod
3.  Watch Sex and The City on DVD
4.  Smoke near open window.
5.  Eat beans on toast for breakfast
6.  Bitch about nosy close relatives with my mom
7.  Discover old stuff that is now cool again like my S&M leather bracelets and short-shorts
8.  Read my free copy of Esquire magazines
9.  Eat all the leftovers from lunch and dinner. Thanks mom for not judging me.
10. Say hi to my dad's beautiful garden and the birds

When I told my friend Steven that I'm going back to my hometown right after Forever 21 opening at Mid-Valley last week, he said something about how people back home must be excited to welcome a 'decadent' well-dressed young man back to the neighborhood. Yeah my friend Steven is sarcastic like that. He refers to contest winners and those regular people who get invites to launch events and A-list parties as 'commoners'. Ha-ha!

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Song playing inside my head: Nelly Furtado's Big Hoops


Kifli Mally said…
tak sangka ada juga mereka yang gilakan fashion. Love ur blog. I ada copy one of ur pic kat blog i :)
Fash said…
Thank u darling. Like my blog on FB jugak alrite ;) Hx