The Real Me

Party time at @live KL wearing Uniqlo shirt, Topman jeans, Seed boots, geeky glasses from fourskin and a bowtie

I've been soooo busy attending parties and events. Sometimes it feels like my real job is to be there and party my ass of instead of sitting here at my desk and actually write stuff. I wished I got paid everytime I show up at events and stuff. It takes a lot of effort to actually be there. Deciding on what to wear and paying ridiculous amount of money for the cab fare. I paid RM30 to get to Sunway Giza from here a couple of days ago. That's a week worth of grocery for a singleton like me.

I just got screamed at on the phone by my editor for not editing the men's website. My fault. I've been to busy doing other stuff  and focusing on the women's website. You should know which one is which by now. She sounded really pissed. I just kept quiet before she finally put down the phone. 

I don't know...

With Joey and Ira. Joey is an artist (as in painter) and has good taste in music. Ara has a spa in Ampang.
Kpop at @live KL

I'm at this really strange place right now. I'm not even sure whether I should stay or find my way to get the hell out of here. I overheard a conversation between two guys at MODA 22nd Anniversary last week about how blogs are dying. Well this blog has been around on and off for almost five years. The amount of money I've gotten so far for writing all my craps and put it up here? RM0.00.

Money is a little tight right now. That's all I can say. All the glamorous parties do not pay my house rent or my credit card bills. 

I need to figure things out before it's too late. 

Ps: It's stupid how the photos are not at all related to the story but what the hell! My head is a mess.

Song playing inside my head: Lana del Rey's Video Games