X Top Model Search 2012. It's On!!!

Braving the wet pavements on my way to the Intermark in Reebok trainers, Topman jeans, Uniqlo turtle neck and my shaved head

I was invited by my good friend Kenji Chan to be part of the X Top Model Search press conference. It was held at Estate Intermark. I was a bit reluctant at first as I had been taking a long break from attending events two weeks prior to the date due to health reason. But I decided to show up despite the rain and having promised my mom to go back to my hometown that very same evening, which led to my decision to go with my Reebok trainers instead of my usual fancy shoes.

With Stephanie, Valerie and the other girl which I forgot her name. We were talking earlier about her Korean features.
With Stephanie, Kenji and Valerie

Just like any other X Top Model events, the press conference was crowded with all the familiar faces of KL finest fashion and entertainment circle. Everyone was there. Bloggers, writers, models, beauty queens, singers, actress, designers and then there was me of course.

The X Top Model 2012 Malaysia is the first regional model search cross border endorsed and supported by Tourism Malaysia, Hong Kong Tourism Board and Macau Tourism Government Malaysia. With endless numbers of sponsors which include Bimba&Lola, Converse, Bizzy Body, Skechers, Key Ng and MAGNUM just to name a few, this year's competition is set to be even bigger and better than last year's spectacle.

Remember this one? CLICK HERE

A closed door door selection was held last weekend at Fahrenheit 88 with model Daren Lee as well as prominent figures in local fashion industry like Faris Waris, Natacha Meunier and the uber fit Peter Toong sitting behind the judging table. The Top 10 will be announced soon. You can actually list down your own favorite and follow the progress on the website HERE and the Facebook page HERE.

The winner this year will walk away with an international modelling contract, a runway debut at Beijing Fashion Week, cash, prizes, sponsors contract worth USD$20K and a fashion spread with Ray Magazine Malaysia which is one of Asia's top fashion magazine. With four other participating countries like Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines; the two selected girls from Malaysia are set to face stiff competition from other finalists at the X Top Model Search Asia Final in Macau.

Who will be the two representatives from Malaysia? Watch this space for the announcement!

Song playing inside my head: Madonna's What It feels Like For A Girl

Photo credits: Jason Ng of GML Photography, Vince Khoo of Shutterbug VK, AC Lau of AC Photography and Stephanie Liah