Ben Sherman Has Arrived in KL (Win RM100 Cash Voucher)

I was invited to the preview of Ben Sherman store in Bangsar Village II a few weeks back. Well it was on the first week of Ramadhan  my body was still trying to adjust to the changes of the routine without getting all fucked up. I ended up staying up late and sleeping till non for the entire month Ramadhan.

So thanks to my new daily routine, I was an hour late for the preview that day. I took a cab and ran like a mad person in my ankle boots trying to find the store when it was in fact located not too far away from the entrance of the ground floor. I got there just in time to snap some photos and collect my Ben Sherman's Limited Edition Moleskine. Oh and the press-kit of course.

I was very fascinated by all the different types of collar designs on Ben Sherman shirts. Well I'm more of a t-shirt kinda guy but looking at the impeccably tailored and carefully selected materials of the shirt, I couldn't help but want one for myself.

But too bad I already have way too many clothes as it is (that and the fact that I'm currently on a very strict budget). I finally decided to giveaway my Ben Sherman RM100 cash voucher to one of you out there instead of using it myself. Just leave a comment or drop me an email with your name and phone number by August 29th 2012.

You're welcome ;)

Song playing inside my head: Joss Stone's Teardrops


Unknown said…
argh im so jealous that u get to attend so many cool events and openings.. and i want your Ben SHerman voucher!! =p

hates u~
Fash said…
Hi Aaron. Unfortunately the voucher has passed its expiry date I had to toss it into the garbage can. LIKE the fanpage on FB, and you will be the first to know if I'm giving away stuff. Thx for ur support.