This One Is Not About Me

Okay I get it! You're sick and tired of me. I did this, I wore that, I went there... This blog screams me, me, me! Well this is my blog but I know it would be nice to write about something else other than myself for a change .

So I just wanna share these photos I pick and choose from I have been an avid reader of the website for years now. I think it is probably one of the best menswear/fashion websites out there. I was even offered to write for them a few years back but due to my commitment as a full-time educator (ahem) and part-time writer for Emmagem, I had to pass.

Anyway, Fashionbeans has a new street-style section which I'm so obsessed with. Here are some of my faves:

The leopard print jacket is to die for! This is what I should be wearing in the morning when I have to run to 7 Eleven for my cigarette

Marc Jacobs and his oversized Birkin. And those pants! Love the subtle print but why the hell does he look so confused?

These are my staples: plain t-shirts (not tight), black skinny jeans (tight) and high-tops.

Fancy the boots. Just army boots. No crazy buckles or hardware. Basic stuff.

The jacket and the Birkin. I'm not really a huge fan of slip-ons tho'

I'm sooo green with envy right now! Can I have one of those Birkins pleaseeee?

Song playing inside my head: Nicki Minaj's Pound The Alarm