Forever 21's Camouflage

Last week my friend Nadia from KK was here in KL for one week. So we decided to brave the heavy rain and arranged for a Chatime session at Pavilion. I was the first to arrive. While waiting for the girls (The two Nadias. Yeah I know it's crazy how both of them are best-friends and have the same name!) I ended up walking towards Forever 21. I don't know! I thought I heard them calling my name or something!

So I bought a jacket. Camouflage. Crazy discount! The girls finally arrived and we decided to snap photos of three of us wearing my new jacket. Next time we're gonna do the same when any one of the girls  bought a new bra. Ha-ha~!

Photoshake courtesy of Nadia

Song playing inside my head: Paloma Faith's Picking Up The Pieces